Disability Solutions West Midlands  is a Stoke-on-Trent based charity which is run by people with disabilities for the benefit of people with disabilities.

Who we support:

    • Adults, children and young people with disabilities
    • Adults, children and young people with life-affecting health conditions
    • Families which include an adult, child or young person who has a disability or life-affecting health condition
    • People who provide care and support for a person who has a disability or life-affecting health condition.

What we aim to do:

We want people with disabilities or life-affecting health conditions

    • To be able to achieve the best possible quality of life
    • To gain the skills and knowledge to make their own decisions about things which may affect their quality of life
    • To be able to be a part of their community and not be disadvantaged for reasons of their disability.

What we offer:

    • Advice
    • Information
    • Support

Our services

Welfare benefits service.

Support to access disability-related welfare benefits.

DisAbility Connect

One-to-one support to access activities and services that could improve quality of life.

Macmillan Cancer Welfare Benefits

Support for people who are living with cancer to access welfare benefits

Welfare Benefits Support and Advice 

Telephone advice service for everyday living issues.

For more information on these services, follow the links above.