As a charity, we greatly appreciate the support we receive from all our clients and supporters, and the many forms that support takes, including donations, volunteering, nominations for awards and beyond.

This page will show all the ways you could pledge your support to Disability Solutions West Midlands 

If you wish to donate money to Disability Solutions West Midlands there are a few ways in which you can do that, as follows.

If you wish to donate by cheque? if so please make any cheques payable to: Disability Solutions West Midlands 

PayPal Donate Button PNG Transparent ImageYou can also donate via our donate button or by using any of our donation tins within the DSWM offices, or by just dropping in, and talking to a member of our team.

Please remember if you are a taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation, this makes the kind gesture go even further.

Every penny that is donated to Disability Solutions West Midlands is put back into the charity‚Äôs operations, every penny that is donated to us, we put towards providing the best possible service we can. Your donations truly make a difference and have a big impact on what we do.

Thank You from all of us here at Disability Solutions West Midlands.

We apprieceiate that in todays economic climate not everyone can donate money, There are many more ways to support us other than just money,

Do you have anything that you think could be useful to us? stationery, old pcs, old laptops, if you have anything that you think we could reuse for the work we do, instead of throwing it out consider donating them to us here at DSWM.

Do you have some spare time you are looking to fill? then why not try  Volunteering

Would you like to become part of the team here at DSWM?

Do you have some skills that could really benefit us?

How about Volunteering for us here at our offices? DSWM has a vast amount of volunteers, each with their own unique skills and personality, all of which helps immensely towards providing our service to clients, enabling us to help as many clients as we can. Interested?

If this interests you please visit our Volunteer Page


Is there a local or national award or even a nominated charity slot at a local supermarket, that you think Disability Solution West Midlands should be nominated for? 

Feel free to nominate, every nomination helps, this year we have been nominated for 2 awards thanks to supports of DSWM. any recognition really helps the charity, and through recognition, more people become aware of us and the support we offer to the area and beyond.