Service Contributions Policy & Procedure


From 10th December 2018 Disability Solutions West Midlands (DSWM) is required to implement a contributions policy across all non-Macmillan service provision.

Service contributions will be requested as follows:


Contributions Requested


Form Filling – DLA / PIP / ESA / Industrial Injuries / AA


Form Filling - Mandatory Reconsideration / SSCS1


Appeal Submissions – DLA / PIP / ESA


Tribunal Representation – DLA / PIP / ESA


Upper Tribunal Work – ESA / PIP / DLA



Clients will be made aware at point of contact of the service contributions applicable to the area of work for which they are seeking support.  Advisers will inform clients of the process for making contributions and will seek information regarding clients’ agreement/inability to contribute before an appointment is booked into the diary. The corresponding AIMS case file will be updated with the content of this contact and outcome.

Service Contribution Agreement will be sent to the client along with the Authority to Act form for client completion and return before their scheduled appointment.

Contributions can be made in the forms of cash or cheque, made payable to Disability Solutions West Midlands, bank transfer, or via our secure PayPal facility.  Receipts will be generated and given to clients at point of contribution.

The service contributions reflect only a small percentage of the costs incurred in providing the quality and specialist information, advice, guidance and support, and will help to ensure that the service can remain in place to continue to offer this specialist service in the future.

DSWM retains the right to refuse a service due to ineligibility of welfare benefit being pursued and/or ineligibility of service from DSWM e.g. no disability or long-term condition.