Our Values


We support clients in making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their own lives.

We value the ability of staff, both paid and voluntary to work independently and to take decisions that affect their work in a measured and responsible manner.

We value our own independence as a voluntary organisation and that of the voluntary sector as a whole.


We do not merely manage diversity, we value and celebrate the different views and perspectives that being a diverse community brings. We actively challenge those behaviours that seek to marginalise sections of our community.


We believe that there is a strength to be had in numbers. We will seek to work with other organisations in the Voluntary Sector, the Public Sector and Private Sector whose values are in synergy with our own, and where the collaboration provides value to our clients.


We recognise the importance of developing the skills of all of our staff and will offer training and development opportunities to assist with individual growth. We will use our skills and experience to further the aims of our organisation, offering assistance to others who wish to develop in parallel.