Privacy Policy

Disability Solutions West Midlands (DSWM) helps thousands of clients every year in relation to their disability/long-term health condition; as such we take data protection and GDPR compliance very seriously.

All data supplied by the data subject (person/client) will only be used for the purposes for which it was intended, DSWM will never share data with third party organisations without the data subject giving informed consent/permission.

When Contacting DSWM

Website Privacy Policy:

Below is a list of the data requested by DSWM when someone uses the online contact form attached to the website:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Nature of enquiry
  • Consent

 Phone Contact:

When contacting DSWM via telephone, the following information is required as standard to begin assisting the caller with their enquiry:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Nature of enquiry
  • Consent

Before the data can be processed verbal consent from the data subject must be secured.  DSWM will never gather and store more information than that which is needed to offer a quality service. 

If any additional personal/sensitive information is required to assist with more complex enquires, DSWM will issue the data subject with an Authorisation Form; ensuring DSWM secures written/signed consent from the data subject to process their personal/sensitive data.  The Authorisation Form will clearly state the subject area in which personal/sensitive information is required, these areas may potentially include:

  • Welfare benefit information
  • Current income/savings
  • Marital status
  • Disability/long-term health condition
  • Any information where there is a legal, relevant and contractual requirement.

Right of Access Requests:

Data subjects have the right to ask for:

  • Access to their personal data,
  • The right to erasure,
  • The right to rectification,
  • The right to restrict,
  • The right to halt processing of their data,
  • The right to a copy of their information.

For more information please see the full Privacy Policy document.

(link at the base of this document)


No data will be shared beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. No personal or sensitive data will be shared with any external agency or organisation without the express permission of the data subject (client/person).


Secure Storage:

All data is kept securely, and constant updates and routine checks are made to ensure security is upheld to the highest possible standard.


Data is retained securely for a period of 6+1 years.


Consent/authorisation must be obtained from the data subject before any data can be processed. Verbal consent will first be requested on contacting DSWM via telephone, following which an Authorisation Form will be issued where appropriate and/or the case requires further contact.

This is a shortened user-friendly version of DSWM Privacy Policy/Statement.

Privacy Policy/Statement in full


For further information relating to Disability Solutions West Midlands data protection/GDPR 2018 compliance,  please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.