What Am I Entitled To?  

advice logoOften people are unaware of their entitlement to welfare benefits, so our aim is to give clear, concise and practical support to guide people though the process.

This is mainly done via a telephone advice line with office appointments to complete forms for those who require them.

In certain circumstances, we may be able to offer a home visit but this is dependent upon resources.

If you are contacting us because you are appealing a PIP/DLA or ESA Decision. you must first write a letter to the address on the decision letter you received.

The letter you write is known as a Mandatory Reconsideration, in it you must write why you disagree with the decision, along with the letter we also suggest you send additional evidence in relation to your disability/condition to support your case.
If you require an MR form we have provided a link here:  MR Form

If you have already submitted a Mandatory Reconsideration, and you still disagree with the decision then you will need to download an SSCS1 form or pick 1 up from our reception, you must then complete the SSCS1 form and submit it.

If you Require a SSCS1 form: SSCS1

Below is a link to our guides of disability benefits which we regularly help people with.

Self Help Guides

If you are a claimant or need to claim and believe we can assist you in any way or need some advice and guidance, please contact the team on:

Phone: 01782 638300 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For professional services users who wish to refer a patient or client who needs our support, please fill in our referral form.form icon