Disability Connect Case Study

Rachael is a 53-year-old lady that contacted Disability Solutions West Midlands after being signposted by her GP Social Prescriber. Rachael has heart problems, some issues with nerve damage in her legs, complex mental health conditions and bowel/bladder issues.

Following a NAPP Tool assessment the following issues were identified:

  • Rachael had moved into a new house after living in temporary accommodation, she was the victim of domestic violence and abuse by her ex-partner and was accommodated for her own safety.
  • Racheal feels very isolated and lonely as she is in a new area away from her adult children due to the concerns about her ex-partner finding her.
  • Racheal needed help with income maximisation, understanding her rights, and support to settle after being rehomed and to start to build a new life.
  • Rachael needed help to secure basic essential items for her new home, this included white goods and clothing.
  • Rachael was struggling to engage with mental health services.
  • At this point Rachael was not receiving support from any other agency or charity. Rachael confirmed that the domestic violence support had finished as soon as she was rehoused.

Racheal spoke very openly about her traumatic experiences of the abuse she had experienced and how it had impacted on her physical disabilities, health conditions and her mental health, however it was clear that as the traumatic experiences were still very raw it was difficult for Rachael to stay on topic.

Working closely with Rachael we agreed an action plan which included actions for Rachael, and actions for the DisAbility Connect Project.

Following 12 weeks of support we are pleased to report the following:

  • We have secured a grant and have purchased/delivered/installed a cooker,
  • We secured and delivered a 3-seater sofa that was donated,
  • We continue to help and support Rachael to link to other organisations to secure other essential items such as a washing machine and a fridge,
  • We have linked Rachael with a charity local to her that supplies food parcels – to help while benefits are being processed,
  • We have provided the opportunity for Rachael to link with somebody to talk with who is local to her and so can offer her more support within her local community,
  • Rachael is now in better contact with mental health services and understands her rights as a user of services,
  • Rachael has reported feeling better connected to her community, more settled and is now able to see a future,
  • The NAPP Tool scores that Rachael now reports shows better health and social outcomes, with more secure financial integrity / income maximisation – enabling Rachael to better meet her financial obligations and additional needs in relation to her disabilities and life-affecting health conditions.

We continue to support Rachael to get her equipped with the basic items she needs to enable her to live comfortably and once her disability benefits are due to be reviewed, we will support her with those issues.

Racheal has stated that Disability Solutions West Midlands has been the only organisation to really help her and listen to her, and she is incredibly grateful to all the team at the DisAbility Connect Project