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We understand that many of our clients find themselves in financial difficulties when their health compromises their ability to either work or undertake day-to-day activities that were once so effortless.  It is our mission to not only offer advice and assistance by navigating the welfare benefit system but to empower and enable our clients to live independently – whilst helping to manage the many obstacles people with disabilities face.  It is imperative that those who care for people with poor health are also supported.

The Stoke-on-Trent Welfare Benefits Team assists clients in this locality with all matters related to disability welfare benefits.  We will complete benefit checks in the first instance to ensure our clients are maximising their income with all entitlements.  We then assist with the process of a benefit application from the initial form to an appeal, should this be refused.

We can get involved at any stage of this journey writing Mandatory Reconsiderations, submitting appeals (SSCS1 Stage) with HMCTS, correspondence with the courts, writing legal submissions collaboratively with our clients and providing legal representation at the Tribunal.

If you are a claimant and believe we can assist you in any way or need some advice and guidance, please contact the team on:

Phone: 01782 667333 or email us email icon

For professional services users who wish to refer a patient or client who needs our support, please fill in our referral form.form icon

 Welfare Benefits Support Maximising Income for People with

Disabilities in Stoke-on-Trent.