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Disability Solutions West Midlands

98% Of people who work or Volunteer for us to DSWM have a disability or long term health condition or have lived experience, and we all absolutely love what we do.

Would you like to be a volunteer and help us make a difference? contact to start your volunteer application today.

Stat Splash Last Year Proud to Deliver

£10.4 Million Financial Gains Confirmed for Clients 2017/2018

Over 8,366 People with Disabilities Helped & Supported.

Over 18,400 Wider Family members & Carers Supported.

Our Community IT course is still running, if you’re interested please contact


The DWP have a way you can submit your PIP appeal online

PIP Appeal Online

DSWM has a page on the Potto Lotto = Our Page

DSWM has a page on the Lyme Lotto = Our Page

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